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About Us

"Windy" Windell and Herman Simon, 1929.

Grays Harbor Stamp Works is a third-generation family-owned and operated business that was started in 1916. We began by making rubber stamps, cutting stencils, and making badges. In 1937, Clary Windell introduced celluloid buttons to the product line. With the strong labor movement, he thought he would make his shop a union shop and cater to the labor organizations. As proud members of the Communication Workers of America, we have manufactured buttons for labor unions and presidential campaigns since those early years.

In the 1950s, another product was introduced when Mr. Windell bought a pantograph engraver. Among the more popular items we began engraving at that time were signs, desk signs, and name tags.

Since we are a third-generation union shop, we specialize in products that are manufactured in the USA and carry a union label. We are a distributor for products including union printed bumper stickers, union printed coffee mugs, union printed decals, ink pens, lapel pins, and many more items.

We are also two-time winners of the Manufacturer of the Year Award (2000 and 2009) given by our trade organization, the International Marking and Identification Association.